Lasagna Royalty

I took this week off work so that I could get the kids all sorted out and into their first week of school. Little did I know that I would end up spending the entire week with my kids, trying to come up with creative ways to keep them entertained as the teacher’s strike in the province has extended into this school year.

The good news is that they’ve been unusually well-behaved. The only real mischief seems to occur between 7:45am and 8:15am while I am trying to catch a few last Zzzzzs. At that hour my hubby is long gone to work and the kids inevitably burst into my room pleading for food or tattletaling on one another about something that annoys me… Really, anything that early in the morning before my coffee is annoying…

After some movies, TV shows, cleaning up after the kids, walking the dog, the little bit of “school work” I can bring myself to go over with the kids so that they’re not totally clueless when the school year starts, several snack preps, lunch, cleaning up after the kids, scheduling of kids activities (play dates, soccer, theatre class, doctor appointments, etc), doing puzzles, playing Crazy Eights, arts/crafts, cleaning up after the kids, it’s time for dinner prep. Those of you who know me, know that I don’t enjoy cooking all that much. I had a brief stint in my twentie sof spirited cooking that lasted a few years where I LOVED to cook. That died in my thirties. Most of the cooking in my house is undertaken by Chef Luke (aka my hubby). He’s brilliant in the kitchen. But alas, I am the one at home all this week… But rather than stress out like I normally do on trying to recreate Chef Luke’s delightful dishes, I decided to have some fun and make only my favourite meals! Brilliant right? Last night I made thai coconut pumpkin soup with chicken and tonight I made kick-ass lasagna. My lasagna is SO good that I reigned myself the Lasagna Queen today. Maybe for tomorrow’s kid craft we will make tiaras and crowns 🙂

Royal Lasagna

Royal Lasagna